Books… The Band?

So I was asked to play at a live music event here in Chorlton, Manchester UK. I’ve spent the past few weeks working on some songs with my best mate and it’s been a pretty productive experience.

We had no name but the curator of the night we were playing at needed one so for promo shtuff. For the time being, we’ll be known as Books.

The creative process for coming up with the name was, erm, lazy…our friend combined Crooks with Bottomley and hey presto – Books!

We’ll be recording some songs – new and old as soon as… we get round to it. It is Summer and with half a dozen bars and beer gardens within 200M of my bed, it’s going to be tough going. It may take most of the summer to figure out a suitable work/ale/music/sun balance.


A Difficult Place

Looking for wares on ourselves
To cover up our skin
To bring a person outside
From what we feel like within
It brings a comfort to you
Puts a smile on our face
It’s like a subject we agree
In a difficult place

As we travel beyond
What our bodies can see
All the buttons engaged
Feel the power run free
And if we can trickle through gates
We could march on the street
What a difference it could make
Different things could be

The mind conceives what the mind believes
What the ears can hear. What the eyes can see.

I wrote this one a little while ago. I’ve been working on a new song and using this poem for the lyrics. I’ll be honest… I have a terrible memory and I’m not entirely sure what the key message was for this poem – it’s always a pleasant experience to explore old work as it opens up a fresh interpretation.

The general message for this piece relates to how people connect and relate to one another. If we’re all able to agree on one thing, it’s a sign that we can all relate to the ‘big things’ too.


When we understand the power we have when we band together we’re able to make amazing things happen. I don’t think we encourage each other enough about the power we really hold. We are collectively in control of so much of the world but we’re disconnected from each other, we’re disconnected from what really matters.

Super 9 Mobile Film Fest – My entry: SHEET

At the beginning of the month I entered into the Super 9 mobile film festival.

The film fest was recommended to me through LinkedIn, so I sent them my short-film and they agreed to enter it in their competition. Although I did not receive as many views or votes as I would have liked, it was nice to know that my little film was being watched by people from different parts of the world.

Some of the other films are fantastic and the creativity and humble approach to mobile film making really shines through on this website. Have a browse around, watch some of the other entries and don’t forget to watch my mobile-short ‘SHEET‘.



Summer is here!

So I have managed to survive another year of University. It has been an interesting year and I have learnt a lot about myself.

Having my laptop stolen from right under my nose in my own home and still managing to complete a number of personal projects as well as my university modules, has left me feeling pretty good.

My employers have been awesome giving me time off work to get my life outside the office in order and what’s even better, they offered me a job at the Isle Of Wight Festival!

I’ve got a number of projects to work on over the summer as well as polishing off a few edits for some old films I worked on.

Next month I will be working as the Sound Engineer for The Clive Fortune BIg Band in Reading. I will post some details in another blog shortly. Check out some of their music here!

Stay posted guys!

SHEET – A mobile short

The girl in the film is watching time spinning away, she is approached by a snake-like bed sheet and eventually engulfed by it. This mobile short is a dream/nightmare sequence.

Throughout 2014, I have been experimenting with a number of different film and photo applications on my phone. I decided to make a piece of film using the iPhone 4, with an adapted wide-angle lens for some shots.

I used the following applications to make this piece of film.

  • Filmic Pro – To lock focus and light balance and to adjust these settings manually during shot for pole focus effect etc.
  • iMotion HD – To create stop-motion footage and make us of the onion-skin feature.
  • Premier Pro – To edit the footage together and to add an audio track.
  • Sound Recorder – To record audio using the iPhone 4

I shortlisted a number of concepts which could potentially work with Stop-motion. I decided on this particular idea as it sounded a little bit dark and creepy which, after experimenting with stop-motion, would suit the narrative well.

Stop-motion proved to be a tricky style to work with on big scale items such as this blanket. It was difficult to create life in something so large. I used the onion skin feature on iMotion HD to match each new shot with the next but given the 400+ shots I had to take, it was tough create fluid/ natural movement consistently.

I mounted the phone a microphone stand to keep the camera in place and used the iMotion Remote app feature to take each shot. This provided another screen to monitor and reduced the movement of the camera taking the images between shots.

The editing in Premiere pro took very little time. I made the film black and white, added some credits and titles and a few fades and dips. The audio recorded on the iPhone4 needed normalising and that was it!

This was a fun film to make and I look forward to creating more stop-motion movies in the future.

Stop Motion Experiments

I am working on a short stop-motion film and before I set out to make a start on the shoot, I have been trying out a few techniques.

This test was shot on the iPhone 4 using the iMotionHD application. The remove jitter from the scene caused by touching the phone to take an image, I have switched on the noise activation tool in the application. This allowed me to snap my fingers to take an image.



As you can see in the film, the threshold for activation needs to be adjusted as other noises in the room occasionally took an image. Although it is easily edited out in the edit, as this was just a test, I have left the mistakes as they are.